Effective Leadership (EMP008)

In this new multi-generational workforce, flexibility in leadership has never been more important. Whether you're new to a leadership role, or a seasoned manager in your organization, there's always room for growth when it comes to leading teams to success.
This selection of resources will provide insight and guidance on how to effectively lead people by example and open communication. The videos here explore topics such as setting expectations, giving feedback, hiring the right talent, and cultivating it for success.
  • How to Be a Better Manager: Why Conversations Matter
  • Young Steve Jobs on how to hire, manage, and lead people
  • Setting Expectations for Powerful Performance
  • Giving Feedback - 3 examples of hard conversations
  • TED TALK Patrice Thompson: Proposal for the Multigenerational Workplace
  • TED TALK Fancy Mills: Strategies for Succeeding in a Multigenerational World
  • TED TALK Simon Sinek: How Great Leaders Inspire Action
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